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Related post: Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:33:04 -0400 From: carl5denetscape.net Subject: OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 32 - DAS ENDECopyright 2004 by Carl MasonAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for strictly personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means preteens rika electronic or mechanical, except preteen biz bbs for reviews, without the written permission of the author. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at carl5denetscape.net.This story contains descriptions of sexual contact between a young adult male and young male teenagers. Nevertheless, "Out of the Rubble" is neither a strictly "suck and fuck" exercise nor is it a story that focuses on the "love of adults for the young"...often without sex or with the mere suggestion of sex. If you are looking for these types of erotic fiction, there are fine examples of each on Nifty. Something slightly different is required here.However based on real events and places, "Out of the Rubble" is strictly fictional. Any resemblance to actual events, or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Further, this is homoerotic fiction designed for the personal enjoyment of legal, hopefully mature, adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, if those in power and/or those whom you trust binaries model preteen treat it as illegal, or if it would create unresolvable moral dilemmas in your life, please leave. nymphs nude preteens Finally, remember that maturity generally demands that anything other than safe sex is sheer insanity!Thank you, Ed C., for your devoted help on this section of the story! PART preteen 10yo forum 32(Revisiting the End of Part 31)Teetering between shock and hysteria, Sam told Rolf pay models preteens that he appreciated his "dealing with the matter" [the matter of Sam's moral obligation to Manfred and Stefan Goettingen through their grandmother who died immediately before the survival exercise]. "I have only one question," he added. "Why did it take you nearly four days to accomplish it?" Both men looked at each other for a moment before breaking into hysterical laughter and reaching for the (good) bottle of Scotch.(Continuing Our Story: Franz Michael Eduard Peters)At 2040 hours (8:40 pm) on the eighth of May 1948, Genevieve gave birth to a healthy, 9 lb (4.08 kg) preteen vieo baby boy in a small, private German hospital in Bad Mainburg. For the last three hours, Sam and Andreas had paced the hospital floors with Franz. Andy was in reasonably decent shape, but to put it bluntly, both Franz and Sam were a mess! Andy was quite sure that if the Sisters who staffed the hospital hadn't been experienced in dealing with expectant fathers and "older sons," they would gladly have called hellfire down upon both of them - or, perhaps better, wheeled them into a spare operating room for Cesarians...or lobotomies! In the Germany of 1948 they were also experienced in dealing with unwed parents. While they regretted Genevieve's decision to give up all claims to the baby - and diligently prayed over her - they were thankful that the child's father was willing to take responsibility for forum preteens nudes his actions. Perhaps she would change her mind once she held the child. Perhaps they knew more than they were letting on, but at least they weren't dealing with an abortion or desertion. Under these conditions, they could afford to be "flexible" in terms of records. Further, Mother Superior did appreciate Sam's generous gift to the hospital. God knows, it was needed, for they had barely kept the doors open since the latter days of the War. The stress involved in maintaining the highest standards of care and cleanliness, while keeping two excellent, albeit svens preteen forum older, doctors on their staff, had strained their resources, physical and financial, beyond comprehension.Once in the hospital room, following the birth, Andy didn't think that he had ever seen Gretchen so radiant. Her hair, her eyes, and even her skin seemed to emit a surreal glow. Yes, she was tired, but in her arms she held a small "being" who Andreas was somewhat surprised to admit immediately laid claim to a part of his heart. True, it wasn't quite the type of claim that he had felt years ago when he looked down at his newborn brother, Jurgen, in his own mother's arms. It was different...more demanding...but as yet he couldn't define it. In any case, with dark hair (like that of Franz...or Sam), a cute nose, and eyes that already had something of his mother's sparkle, he was lifelike preteen dolls a beautiful baby. (Not that Andreas was an expert on the subject!) Sam was nearly out of his mind with joy, but he simply didn't want to say too much in front of Franz and Genevieve. In large part, their decision had to have been largely "intellectual." At this moment, the emotional pressure on them had to be greater than he even wanted to think about.As Sam stood with his arms around the two boys, gazing down upon a scene that has inspired artists throughout history, Sister came in with records. "Herr Peters, you admit to being the father, yes?" Sam said that he did, gave her his full name (Samuel Winslow hot nudist preteens Peters) and both his Tieferwald and his Boston addresses. He also signed a document accepting full responsibility for the care and upbringing of the child. "Dear Genevieve, you are the mother, but you wish only your first name to be recorded. Further, you wish to sign a statement that you are unwed and give up all claims to the child dependent on Herr Peters' accepting full responsibility for the child's care and upbringing. Is that correct?" Sister made the notation on the birth record and gave three copies of each document to Genevieve and Sam for their signatures. She then witnessed them. "Herr Peters, will you kindly give me the name of the child for the birth records?" "Franz Michael Eduard Peters," Sam stated proudly. Franz who had been trembling, gasped when he heard his son's preteennonnude name. A proud smile on his face, he stood illegal preteens pussy straight and smiled at Genevieve. Sister excused herself and said that copies would be provided as soon as the official recording had been entered. As soon as she left the room, Genevieve smiled and thanked Sam. "You know that 'Michael' and 'Eduard' are also family names?" "Yes, in my family, too," he replied. "And 'Michael' was one of my brothers!" Andreas preteen nudist sports exclaimed! "I like the first name!" Franz whispered as he leaned into Sam. Sam just hugged him a little tighter. "We are agreed that little Franz will go home when Sister says that it is completely safe?" Sam asked. Nods confirmed everyone's agreement. "I think," Sam added, that you two need to be alone for awhile with Franzi. Andreas and I will be in the lounge when you are ready to return to Tieferwald, Franz. There's no hurry. After kissing and compassionately hugging the two brave kids, Andreas and he left the room."Sam had his document copies before he left the hospital. As the General had suggested at the Christmas party, he took them and said he's see what he could do. Some days later, Sam heard from Mother Superior that little Franz could travel. He drove over to Bad Mainberg with an experienced (and very pleasant) Tieferwald woman who had model preteen incest been a maternity nurse for many years and came with the finest recommendations from the hospital. She and her family (daughter, grandchildren) would care for Franzi until it was time for a longer trip. Sam and Andreas were welcome to stop by at any time. Neither one missed many days.Approximately two weeks later, Sam was called into General Clemens office and given a thick envelope from the U.S. State Department. It contained information needed japanese fuck preteen to assure his son's citizenship, as well as papers that would be 14y preteen sex necessary for the infant's trip and entry into his new country. After leafing hurriedly through the documents - and commenting that he had never seen so many official stamps and signatures in his life - Sam looked up at the General and asked, "How in hell did you manage that, sir?" "Well," the General allowed," I had a lot of help. You have a distinguished service record, and after the trip you boys made to D.C., you obviously have some friends in high places." Grinning, he added, "Congratulations, Sam!" At that, he stepped out from behind his desk, came over to the now standing young Major, and locked him into top list preteens a bear toons preteen hug. Sam struggled to speak, but the General put a finger across the young man's lips and sternly commanded, "Not a word, son...not a word. Since preteen schoolgirl porn you arrived here in the summer of 1945, all you've done is work...for people. It's only right that a few of your needs are being taken care of. Just don't tell me what I...shouldn't...can't...hear.""Oh, yes, there's one more thing," he continued (a bit too) quickly. "Some of your friends here in Germany - in cooperation with your parents, I beg to add - have given you a little departure present. Here is an envelope that contains tickets for an early month sailing of the RMS Queen Elizabeth from Southampton. After refitting her from her troop-carrying days, the Brits have got her back on the Transatlantic run. People tell me that she's spectacular. You will fly to London where you have hotel reservations. We have arranged for nurses to take care of little Franz throughout the trip. The American Embassy will meet you at the airport and take you down to Southampton the next day. I've been ordered to tell you that it's ok if you don't want the tickets. Mrs. Clemens and I will enjoy them immensely, though she's said I can't have the nurses!" Sam looked at the General, shook his head wearily, saluted smartly, and soon pron xxx preteen departed.(The Thanks of a Grateful City)For a couple of months, the word had been getting around that Sam Peters would not be staying in Tieferwald. You can't keep that sort of thing secret for long in any community. A few leaders had gone to extraordinary lengths to retain his services. For instance, the Camp Director, Dr. Mahler, had preteen teenteen model spoken personally with both the URA and UNRRA heads in Germany. (There was considerable interest in these reports once they filtered back to the States, especially since both organizations were trying to nn preteen clips convince Sam that he should join them.) The Buergermeister had spoken with several officials (in the so-called Bonn Circle) who were becoming more identifiable as leaders in western Germany, but it was too early for them to have a discernable effect. For some reason, the process accelerated after Frau Goettingen's funeral when she was emotionally eulogized by Sam. Indeed, it became a subject of conversation among a growing number of Tieferwald and Camp families. When Sam finally told Andy that he no longer had to parry the question at school and publicly admitted himself that he would be leaving by fuckingpreteens movies June at the latest, local concern ignited. Even when additional URA staff had been assigned to the city during the past year, the simple fact was that Sam and his "official assistant" had been out on the streets of the city almost every day for the better part of three years. Too many families remembered receiving a quiet word of hope - and some emergency rations for a sick child. Too many remembered his efforts to bring more coal and more food to the city during the first two horrible winters. They might have deflowered preteen sites only received a few chunks and a few packages personally, but they remembered that he - and America - cared. Too many remembered the handsome youngster with the light brown hair who had brought flowers to new mothers at the German hospital during the "early days" of despair - and his "brothers" who had helped refurbish the stadium right beside them before the Memorial Service. When it was learned that Andy has been admitted to one of the finest universities in America TO BECOME A PHYSICIAN, they remembered his service during the epidemic and even earlier when the Camp had been overrun with desperate Silesian refugees. Particularly at the Camp, many still wished that their children could live at DAS HAUS or at the new home for pre- teens they had begun to hear about. Not surprisingly, Dr. Schmidt, the Buergermeister, found that he was the lightning rod for much of the popular unrest. Indeed, he soon felt as if he were being roasted alive. As he complained to a colleague, he stepped out on the street at his peril! The Buergermeister didn't go hat in hand to General Clemens too often, for it only vitiated such authority as he had - but this time he did go. And he found a receptive ear - not for changing something that couldn't be changed, but for appropriately thanking a man and a teen whom so many in Tieferwald am Main now considered to be "two of their own." They talked at length - "conspired" might have been a more accurate word. Two resolutions came out of these discussions. The Council passed the first immediately. A special meeting was scheduled for the end of the week, a meeting to which Sam and Andreas would be invited. The second resolution was more contentious, and heated discussion continued.The special Thursday night meeting packed the spectator seats in the City administrative building's large Council chamber. Men and women from all walks of life, including those who lived at the Camp and in DAS HAUS, attended. The Buergermeister first lauded the work of Sam and Andy and then announced that work would commence as soon as possible on rebuilding the Stadtpark [City Park]. When completed, it would be renamed "Memorial Park" in honor of all those "who had given their lives in service - in whatever form their life paths had taken them - to God and Country." Herr Doktor Schmidt did say that the Council had wished to name the park after Sam and Andy. Council had finally accepted the two young men's arguments for the "Memorial" designation. Nevertheless, preteen top supermodels a large bronze plaque would be erected close to the main entrance where preteens asian raped the story of Sam and Andreas's service to the people of Tieferwald during 1945-1948 would be memorialized. Immediately to the rear of the plaque would stand simple statues of a young adult male and a male teen. The mayor held up a picture of Andy and Sam taken in 1946. Sam diaper preteens wearing was in informal civilian dress. Seated on his bike next to Sam, Andy wore a tight T-shirt under a light, open jacket, shorts, and his garrison cap (see Part 4/middle). preteen xxx forum Given to him by the Major's superior, General Clemens, it would provide the basis for completing the statuary. There preteen catalog models was a second part to the resolution. One feature within the Park would not be restored, the ruined shell on the lower southeast side, the shell that had originally housed a statue of Mozart. Rather, it would be immediately protected and would eventually serve - in its unrestored form - as Tieferwald's World War II Memorial. (See Parts 1 and 2.) The Mayor asked for public endorsement of the Council's actions. Spectators and Council members rose as one in a roaring tribute to russia preteen porno the two young men who sat humbly, eyes downcast, in their midst. Knowing that it would cause him to fall apart, Sam didn't dare to look at General Clemens.For the first time pre teens erotica since he had commanded American troops in the Tieferwald area, General Clemens accepted the Mayor's invitation to attend a short Council meeting that immediately followed the preteen girls natuist special meeting. The argument continued over the idea of holding a massive torchlight parade in Sam and Andy's honor. On one side, the majority argued that torchlight parades preteen striptease were a traditional German honor. In this case, such a parade was both appropriate and would give the people opportunity to wish their beloved heroes a fond farewell. A knowledgeable minority, however, held that in October of 1945 the U.S. Department of State had issued direct orders to General Eisenhower with regard to the military rule of Germany. Specifically, "No German parades, military or political, civilian or sports, shall be permitted by you." Further, it was argued that torchlight parades were too associated in the public mind with Nazi demonstrations, particularly during the 1930s. The Mayor turned to General Clemens and asked if he would like to comment. The General nodded his head and rose. "Gentlemen," he stated, "I personally feel that you should reclaim your historical customs rather than let them be held captive by the ghosts of Naziism, but that is clearly a matter for Germans to decide. As regards this particular question, I took the liberty of checking with Stuttgart after discussing the matter with your Mayor. My request was then referred to the Department of Defense and the Department of State preteen cumshot movies in my nation's capital. I understand that President Truman may have had his say. Under the circumstances, I was given cause to believe that permission would be given for such a parade if you felt strongly that it was appropriate and desired. Thus, the decision is completely in your hands, and I, for one, will respect it." preteens small tits When the question was finally called, the vote was 14 in favor with one abstention. The leader of the minority said that he would not stand in the way of the majority. Nevertheless, torchlight parades, especially the ones that had followed the deaths of his two sons on the Eastern Front, had left too large a hole in his heart for him to vote affirmatively. Immediately after the vote, General Clemens went over to the gentleman and placed his hand on his shoulder in commiseration. In 1948 Germany, this was something that was simply not done, at least in public and by anyone other than family and the nude12 yo preteen most intimate of friends. The older Council member swallowed, bowed stiffly, and extended his hand to the General, whereupon they shook hands. No one had ever seen that either!Neither the Buergermeister nor the General was ever sure how a major parade was put together in one week, but it was. There were two large bands, the General's full contingent (including units from several of his command posts) and a massive German band made up of both city bands, the Camp band, plus bands from several of the larger outlying villages. A full brigade of the General's sharpest troops marched...with torches. All German adults and teens who wished to march were allowed to do so - and several thousand, including many of the Camp residents and every boy from DAS HAUS did...again with torches. Perhaps the most lasting impression, however, may have been left by several hundred children who, guided by adults and teens, marched with bunches of spring flowers. Clad in traditional white shirts, Lederhosen shorts, and kneesocks, the 17-man contingent from DAS HAUS was particularly sharp. (Baron Rolf marched with them.) As they passed the reviewing stand, they did an eyes left on Ehrhardt's barked command and raised their blazing torches smartly in salute. (Sam could barely restrain a grin as he wondered how Ehrhardt had ever allowed himself to go that far! Out of preteen gallery masturbation the corner of his eye, he could see that Andy was also struggling.)The parade, wending its way through the cleared streets of downtown Tieferwald, took nearly an hour and a half to pass the temporary reviewing stand set up on the edge of the City Park. Sam (in full uniform) and Andy stood in the center, taking the salutes and cheers of all units. The Buergermeister, the Camp Director, and General Clemens stood two steps behind and to the side. Ranged in back of them were members of the City and Camp Councils. A good 35,000 Tieferwaldians lined the streets of the parade route. The united German band played marches most of which no one had ever heard before, but they were DEFINITELY Teutonic! (As the massive column approached the reviewing stand, however, it broke into "As the Backs Go Tearing By." Sam and Andy did break into wide grins at that one!) The American band played its traditional blend of Sousa marches and patriotic songs. For the closing ceremonies, the two bands separately marched smartly back into the main City Square...playing...cymbals flashing in the flaring torchlight and smoke...and took positions on either side of the reviewing stand. sexy preteen lotia After a few words by the Buergermeister and the Director of the Camp, the German band broke into the Star Spangled Banner. After the briefest pause, the American band was supposed to follow with an ancient German folk melody. Silence... The General glared at the Drum Major. Probably sweating profusely under his bearskin, he turned smartly, raised his mace, and again signaled for the music to begin. Silence... Though it began in a somewhat ragged and faltering manner, the band finally broke spontaneously into an emotional tribute to a people who had won their respect...DAS DEUTSCHLANDLIED. (You know: The German national anthem... "Deutschland, Deutschland, ueber alles; ueber alles in der Welt . . . ") A full year BEFORE East and West Germany achieved official recognition, the massive crowd broke into thunderous applause mixed with cheers and began singing proudly as one. Despite the tumult, Sam imagined he could still hear two things happen behind him: the General's teeth falling upon the floor of the wooden stage, and a toothless, mumbled, "There goes that second star!" (It never happened. tgp pre teens A few years later, he retired with his second incest preteen top star...and a raft of commendations. No medium-sized German city was ever run with the combination of efficiency and heart that typified his administration of Tieferwald - nor with such support from its citizens, including both natives and expellees!)(Ueber Traenen und Liebe) [Of Tears and Love]Following the parade, the atmosphere at DAS HAUS fluctuated wildly between forced cheerfulness, expressions of deep love, and incidents born of depression mixed with senseless (if usually minor) aggression. The simple truth was that the boys of DAS HAUS were torn apart by Sam and Andy's imminent departure. Their slow, individual recoveries from the brink of psychological (and, in many cases, physical) destruction had been far too painful for the situation to be otherwise. Yes, even though by its very nature adolescence is - and will always remain - a time of preteens models usenet cp pics preteen Sturm und Drang [storm and pressure], The House had become over time a very close and generally happy community. Rather than the exception, smiles were the rule. During the photo sharing preteen days before das Weggehen [the departure], however, korean preteen porn they were, at best, no more than "painted" on their faces. chubby preteens bikini Both boys and staff seemed preteen tease galleries DETERMINED to remain cheerful even though they felt anything but.Occasionally, this "anything but" broke out in unhappy incidents. For instance, one day in the shower, Horst and Heinrich accidentally brushed against each other as they were leaving. All of us - surely, you and I - know that no two boys in the residence more loved Andy or, in so many ways, were just plain loving. Horst, in particular, was an archetypal Sagittarian, one of preteen tgp model the true "puppy dogs of the Zodiac." Flaming red hair or no, he had to be one of the easiest-going young men one could ever find. While not as effervescent in his personality, Heinrich had grown preteens nudes virginz into one of the most pleasant lingerie school preteen and forgiving youngsters of a very appealing company. On this occasion, however, they flung their nn preteen movie towels on the tiled floor and, screaming at the top of their lungs, lit into each other with fists, fingernails, and teeth. Balls were kneed; eyes were in danger of being gouged. The explosion was as brutal as it was utterly inexplicable by normal test. Neither one of them was able to explain his actions to Ehrhardt when they were finally separated by Kurt and Ulrich. When it was all over, both tearfully apologized and spontaneously hugged. Unfortunately, this was not the only inexplicable incident that occurred during that terrible week.Fortunately, there were many other moments as well. Some, if less destructive, were a bit...strange. On too many occasions to count, for example, youngsters would simply stop Andy in the halls - or, stranger still, out on the playing field - to hug and kiss him. free prety preteens And if you want a "still stranger" note, it was the STRAIGHT model sites preteen boys who were more often than not the perpetrators! You know... If Heinrich and Andy suddenly fell into a clinch, only so many of the residents would have even noticed. But how about Andy and Bruno...or Ernst...or Ulrich? (All of them were involved, and there preteen modelling were others.) Another display was not uncommon. Boys would simply drop into Sam's lap and lean against him as if they needed to be cuddled like some frightened 12 year-old who hadn't even begun to THINK about puberty! (Sam assumed that they DID need to be cuddled and reacted accordingly - even though some long sets of legs stretched over the armrests of his chair occasionally made it difficult to walk around in the living room!)Frau Luisa fixed a special dinner for Sam and Andy's last night underage preteen virgins in Tieferwald. Afterwards, the company gathered in the living room where they exchanged stories and jokes, and enjoyed a preteen topless pix little beer. After about an hour, the First Boy brought a box into the room and gave it to Sam and Andy "with their love." (He explained that they had wanted to place everything in an album, but they knew that their friends had many miles to travel...and albums were pretty bulky.) Therein, Sam and Andy found separate, sealed letters from each of the boys plus a collection of photographs that covered their Tieferwald years. God knows how many people they had begged for pictures, for not all had been taken by anyone they knew. The original of the 1946 picture that General Clemens had shown the Council was there, as was a 1938 picture of the Stadtpark shell, showing the statue of Mozart. Not all of the photos had been taken in Tieferwald. There were pictures, for instance, from several different places where the boys had begun their journeys, including Breslau, Koenigsberg, and Karlsbad. Two showed bloodstains. A couple had to have been taken in Tieferwald before the rough sex preteen War, for they recognized landmarks. Smiling parents with smiling children; a school group, most of the boys wearing red armbands that would later turn to blood... Young, blond, proud Kurts and Ulrichs stared out at them - and broke their hearts. Replenishing supplies in the kitchen, Andy in preteens underwear asked how they could possibly keep the pictures, some of which he suspected were the only objects that a boy had been able to bring with him from the Memelland, or Danzig, or Budapest...or wherever. Sam held him close and whispered, "They've given us the richest gift in all the world, Andy...themselves. I know what you're saying - and I love you for saying it - but it's impossible for us to say no." Andy knew his lover was right, but it HURT.That night the company sang together. And there was some wild wrestling on the living room floor...until Frau Luisa stuck her head out of the kitchen archway and scowled. "Quiet it down, or there'll be no more food and beer," she growled. Frau Luisa always had her way! They joshed Bruno unmercifully, threatening to use some of Baron Rolf's lotion on him. He just grinned and preteen lollipop models reminded Andy of some places where men normally have hair! As he stated proudly, he just had a little more of it! "Hair power!" he chortled. Before they went off to bed around midnight, Sam told them once again how much he loved them and that Andy and he fully intended to return for visits. Before they trudged up the stairs, they all hugged and kissed unashamedly.That model preteen runway night, Andreas lay sleepless in his husband's arms and sobbed. Sam hugged him and sighed. Sleep would have to come later. "Andy, do you remember that photo of Ulrich when he was in grammar school?" "Yeah..." "All of the other people in the photo are now dead, aren't they?" "Yeah..." "But Ulrich isn't, is he?" "No..." "He's alive, and strong, and well," Sam continued. "Chances are he'll marry Friede and have a parcel of kids. Hopefully, he'll live in a free and bbs sun preteen peaceful Germany...maybe right here in the Main Valley. How did that happen, my beloved?" Andreas, who was no idiot, exploited naked preteens quickly saw what Sam was driving at. "I'm proud we helped, Sam - and now we've got little Franzi to help grow up. Do you think someday that he would like to see his native land?" "Bet on it," Sam growled and kissed his young lover on the tip of his nose.In the preteen portal pthc morning, they departed DAS HAUS. The three German Shepherds that howled mournfully on the steps only echoed the sentiments of all those who waved goodbye. Andy thought to himself that the love still outweighed the sadness...and he knew there was hope for a better tomorrow.As a side note, Ehrhardt and Rolf obviously faced a monumental preteen nude japan task in bringing DAS HAUS and the lives of its boys back together. preteen almost nude The fact remains that they were both young men of considerable skill and - though their approach sometimes differed somewhat from Sam's - possessed a deep love for their work and their people. They also enjoyed several years of close support from General Clemens. In any case, time heals many things and, of necessity, life must move on.This is neither the time nor the place to provide a dry, encyclopaedic account of what happened to x, y, and z over the next few years. In any case, it's simply not your author's style. Then, too, he rather preteen russians virgins doubts that he naked children preteen could get Sam and Andy out of his heart all that easily...or quickly. Perhaps, in time, their story - and the story of the boys of DAS HAUS - will be supplemented. Suffice it at this point, however, to tell you that following das Weggehen [the departure], Ehrhardt and Rolf took over and enhanced that which is today one of the finest homes for needy kids in all Germany, a home still known as DAS HAUS. The tales of Sam and Andreas remain legion...and legend. For many years, Ehrhardt, Gretchen, and their three children (Rose, Johann, and Samuel) lived on the grounds of a beautiful new campus near Frankfurt, in part the legacy of the old Baron, Otto von Hofsberg. The present director who proudly assumed his robes and insignia 15 year preteen of office on Ehrhardt's retirement in the late 1980s is himself an "Old Boy." To no one's surprise, Baron Rolf has become his most illeagle preteen ardent supporter and friend.(Southhampton)The little caravan that included an Army nurse - a pleasant young Lieutenant (Mary Conners) - stopped by the home of the Tieferwald maternity nurse who had been caring for young Franzi. There were tears, but her daughter, and grandchildren clustered 'round to wish them all a happy journey. She shared a few bottles of formula with the Army nurse and kissed Franzi one more time. "Have a happy life, little one," she whispered.The trip to Rhein-Main seemed very short this time, perhaps because each of them was caught up in his or her own thoughts. Unlike their earlier flight to Boston, this time they went to the private terminal where Rolf met them. He had insisted that they use his new corporate plane to fly directly to London. Quickly disposing of the paperwork, naked young preteens they found themselves airborne almost before the knew it. At London, they were met by a representative of the American Embassy. With his help, transit paperwork was a preteen modele link mere formality. Informing them of the time of their pick-up the next day for the drive to Southampton, the long Embassy limousine quickly whisked them to their hotel. As soon as "Master Franz" was "presentable," Lieutenant Conners brought him down to Sam and Andy's suite where they all played with him for a while. Looking around at their erotic preteen vids lodgings, she shook her head with an utterly feminine gesture and said, "It's absolutely lovely!" "Isn't your room ok," Sam asked with a worried frown. "Oh, yes, Major, it's beautiful. Why wouldn't it twinks preteen models be in the finest hotel in the Western World?" As she left, she noticed the basket of fruit with the card of the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Mischievously, she said, "One day, Major, I've GOT to meet some of your friends in Washington! preteen masturbating pics Good night, sir. You, too, Andreas!" After the door had closed, getting deepthroat preteen Andy just looked at his husband and grinned...chessy-cat-style!After moving to the bedroom, stripping, and donning a dressing gown, Sam opened the floor-to- preteen lovers pics ceiling sheers that covered most of the longest wall in their suite's living room. Arms around each other in the dark, they stood looking down on one of the world's great cities - the capital of the land that had kept freedom afloat while the Allies prepared to stop Herr Hitler. They could even see the lighted clock on the tower that sent out messages of defiance to occupied Europe. "Brave people," Sam sighed. Suddenly interrupting Sam's train of thought, Andy exclaimed, "Love, I feel absolutely grubby. I'm so sweaty, I'm miserable. Would you forgive me if I went and took a really quick shower before I try to kiss the socks off you?" "How could I possibly refuse an offer like that," Sam grinned, as Andy raced for the bathroom.Within minutes, the door to the bathroom opened. Looking into the window directly pics sexy preteen in front of him, Sam could see the dim reflection of a figure emerging from a cloud of steam. "Exhaust fan doesn't work," Andy complained as he continued wiping himself down with his bath towel. "Told you I'd be right back!" Andy suddenly realized that Sam was watching his reflection in the window. Slowly, Sam turned and faced him. Andy felt a sudden shudder of anticipation naked peeing preteens sweep through every cell within his body. Slowly, almost painfully, the heavy white towel slipped from his fingers and almost flowed onto the floor. "Husband?" Andy murmured. After gesturing for the lad to extinguish preteen boys tgp preteen katerina the bathroom light, Sam simply raised his hand and beckoned with two fingers for his beloved to come closer. Andy swallowed convulsively, his muscular legs beginning to shake. "Oh, Sam," he breathed as he stumbled and almost fell. His thick chest rising and falling convulsively, he tried to steady himself on the back of a heavy couch that faced the large expanse of windows. Quickly removing his dressing gown, Sam strode around in back of the lad, and gently pushed his body forward over the couch back. There he lay, the front of his body resting on the front and seat of the couch, his buttocks immobilized on the very top of the back; the backs of his heavy thighs facing Sam.Kneeling on the thick carpet, Sam signaled for Andy to widen his stance until his target was exposed, gently pulled his long scrotum and cock back through his legs, grasped the top of the boy's thighs, and began licking and nibbling at his anus. Occasionally, he would reach down and stroke and/or lick the lad's cock, balls, or perineum. Tremor after tremor ran through Andy's body. It was as if successive waves of ripples were running across his flesh. "Oh, Sam, I love you so," he gasped. Abruptly, the boy's anus opened to the invader. Thrusting as deeply as possible into his beloved's canal, Sam used his tongue as one might use a corkscrew, swirling it in circles, fucked preteens letting the tip go just a bit deeper, tasting the uniqueness that was his husband. Suddenly, as Andy gasped audibly, he pulled out. Reaching down, he locked his hands under the youth's chest and heaved him to his feet. His chin resting on his licking preteen ass chest, his body nearly limp, Andy was clearly entering that semi-hypnotic state that occasionally came over him when he was in deepest passion. Placing one arm around his lover's back and under his arms, the other under his thighs, Sam carried him around the couch to a large, heavy, low- standing oval coffee table that stood llegal preteens gallery between it and the windows. Gently, he lay the boy down on his back on the coffee table. preteen models top Placing a small pillow under his head (that extended to the very top edge of the table), he noted that Andy's legs were able to bend at the knee, allowing his feet to rest on the floor. The boy continued to moan softly. Occasionally, Sam was able to make out the words, "Sam, oh Sam."Illuminated only by the glow in the sky caused by the massed lights of the great city, Sam rose and surveyed the beauty that lay before him. The golden body that radiated life and youth in the faint light of many colors, the heavy muscled torso, the thick shoulders and upper arms, the pronounced rim of cartilage that separated torso from his magnificent lower body, the imposing genitals all excited him as nothing else did on this earth. Slowly, deliberately, sensually, he preteen portal boy began to lick Andy's skin. When he inserted his tongue between Andy's toes, sucking them one after another, the boy slowly began to writhe on the table. When he began to moan musically, Sam knew that it was time. Inching forward on his knees, he pulled the lad's body towards him slightly and hefted his legs to his shoulders. Gently he entered him, moving cautiously, for their underwear preteen bodily fluids were all the lubrication that was available this night. Almost immediately, Andy began to raise his head and shoulders slightly from the table; his head moved from side to side, his heavy chest began to rise and fall more sharply. Sweat pooled between his abs. As more natural lubrication was released, Sam's thrusts became more pronounced. "Ah-h-h! Yes, Sam! Oh-h-h-h-h-h... P-l-e-a-s-e... AH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H! YES! OH, MY LOVE! Yes-s-s-s-s... yes--s--s--s--s...Gently, Sam carried his beloved into the porno black preteen bedroom, tucked him into bed, and climbed in after him. Frankly, it is doubtful that either of the young men moved a muscle before the telephone rang in the morning with their wake-up call. Yea or nay, the bedside lamp was lina model preteen still lit.Fresh and chipper, invigorated by the shower (and a bit more!), and a shave, they moved down to one of the hotel's smaller restaurants and ordered breakfast. (Whatever it was that appeared was pretty grim - and the coffee...! "Help, Frau Luisa," Andy moaned.) Sam had switched to tea - which he claimed wasn't much better - when Lieutenant Conners appeared with Franzi's basket. He was in fine fettle, gurgling and blowing bubbles in anticipation of food. Clearly, however, his nurse had had a bad night. She seemed exhausted. Her bloodshot eyes looked heavy; her hair preteen nude girlies was rather limp; her makeup...not quite right. "Sorry, gentlemen," she mumbled. (Fresh and chipper she was not!) "I can never sleep after an airplane trip. How did you two do?" Oh, how Andy would have loved to tell her the whole truth - and nothing but the truth - but he already recognized that all realities have their limits. Glancing at Sam, he lied...with commendable skill. preteen photos illegal "Oh well," the Lieutenant continued, "at least it's a fine restaurant. Maybe a good breakfast will wake me up!"Shortly after 1300 hours (1:00 pm), the Embassy limousine appeared as promised. The drive to Southampton seemed very short. (Andy kept wondering, however, how the British were able to survive, having just preteens tgp to drive as they preteen model galliers did on the wrong side of the road! Courteously, he angels preteens nudes said nothing.) Arriving at the Cunard docks, they were greeted graciously by a Company representative, as were all First russian preteen directory Class passengers. Through a mammoth window, they were able to see their next transportation, the glorious RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Queen Elizabeth. Without question, she was the finest liner now plying the Atlantic. Built in 1938, the last of the great pre-war Transatlantic liners, she had been quickly pressed into service as a troop transport. She was so fast that she could outrun the U-boats and, hence, was freed from the slow convoys that crept across the dangerous Atlantic. In October of last year (1947), she had finally entered commercial service after an extensive refit."My God, she's huge!" Andy gasped. "She is indeed, young sir," the Cunard representative said with just a glimmer of humor in his preteen ukrainian girls eye. She's the best - and you pix preteens may look forward to a wonderful voyage.Cunard was as efficient as it was gracious, but it still took some time for all of the paperwork to be checked line-by-line and, in some cases, sentence-by-sentence. (In large part, of course, this was caused by Andreas and Franzi's "non-standard documentation," as the representative politely put it. It was also true that Cunard simply didn't like to make mistakes.) Nevertheless, it was finally over, and both Lieutenant Conners and the Embassy driver were thanked profusely. Handing over Franzi, the Lieutenant left with the driver for the return drive to London. Before being escorted to the entry passage for the Queen, Sam was assured that his infant son's British nurse would be waiting as they boarded the vessel.At the gangplank, several documents had to be displayed, but Andy (with Franzi) was able to begin moving forward. Blocked by other passengers, Sam was delayed slightly. Andy had actually moved some distance before Sam realized that they had become separated. When Sam shouted for him to hold up, he quickly switched Franzi from the crook of his right arm to his left, looked mournfully at the damp spot left behind, turned, and smartly saluted."Zum Befehl, Herr Major!" ["At your command, Major!"], young fucking preteens he barked in perfect military style.'Gee, I wish he wouldn't do that,' Sam groaned. DAS ENDE [THE END]------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thank you for joining elwebbs ranchi preteen me over amature preteens pics these past few months. I have appreciated pics x preteens conversing with many of you and thank you for your expressions of good will. It was wonderful to learn that the joy I found in writing "Out of the Rubble" was being matched by the pleasure you found in reading it. Hopefully, our life paths will cross again.Please let me add a special word of thanks to Ed C. who has contributed so diligently to many parts of our story. His efforts have indeed been a "labor of love."/Carl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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